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The Letter From Hell


John staid there erelong acquir’d a taste
For flesh human a’ came across the globe
To New York a’ stole two boys whom he chased.
Stripped them, tied them naked in the wardrobe.
Spank’d them, tortur’d them; tenderized their flesh.
The eldest was eaten first, choicest ass;
Roast’d in the oven, boiled, broiled, fried, goulash’d.
The younker went next the same way whereas.
So often doth he say how good was meat
O’ man that I set my mind to tasting
The supple ass of a girl so, so sweet;
So starvling my hunger must needs hasting.

Subscribe I young Eddy’s Budd’s World advert;
A’ knew I’d eat his sister for dessert.

About Ophelia T'Wat

Who in the flying blue fuck is Ophelia T'Wat? Poetic or profane? Asshole or bitch? Democramp or Republicunt? God-fearing or God-damning? Sucks dicks or licks cunts?- crunch- Three! The world may never know.

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