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Banned in the U.S.A (and on Amazon)

When a Fortune-500 company, that Goliath of booksellers, chooses to ban your book from their virtual bookshelves for being too pornographic, it is akin to getting kicked square in the fucking nuts. When nothing short of an instruction manual on pedophilia, The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct can be, at one time, sold on Kindle, it is kind of disheartening when you are lumped into the same category as child-fuckers. Why cannot my book be sold alongside that other modern masterpiece of the English language, Fifty Shades of Grey? [Slathering on the sarcasm a bit much?– editor]

When the robot at Amazon.com chose to block the publication of Marquis de Sade’s A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream on Kindle, it gave no other explanation than “Your title is unavailable for further editing due to… content.” My correspondence was met with deafening silence. Amazon’s human agents were either unaware or simply didn’t fucking care that my Kindle book was being banned for sale because of its “content”.

The print edition (ISBN: 978-1-931608-36-7) of my book is mysteriously also no longer available on Amazon’s virtual bookshelves. My publisher received no explanation concerning why the book was removed, or exactly when. It was only at some point after I made note in my correspondence that the print edition had been on sale on Amazon.com since April 17, 2012, then ppfth it vanished like a fart in a whirlwind.

Why I am feigning such fucking shock when this is precisely why I fucking wrote the book in the first place? While I didn’t write my book for the expressed purpose of being banned from Amazon.com, I knew it was a fucking strong possibility. It would be a badge of fucking honor to be banned by Amazon. I knew when I wrote it that it contained “Unrelenting Pornographic Situations & Themes, Pervasive Naughty Language, Extreme Fetishism, Brutal Sexual Violence, Aberrational Religious Imagery, Crude & Erotic Humor, Magical Drug Use, Wanton Nudity Throughout!” This is precisely why I wrote it.

I am not an ignorant cunt who does not realize what the First Amendment of Constitution does and does not protect. I fully recognize the right of a private corporation to censor. The First Amendment only protects from “government” censorship, but considering the so-called erotic books available on Amazon.com, I feel my book should not be censored. BY. ANYONE.

Published on: May 19, 2015 @ 17:31

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