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N***** Gangs or White Gangs: Greater Threat?

Straight, White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant Republican men (S.W.A.S.P.s) and their Democratic brethren are so fucking afraid of the threat of black riotous violence that they cower behind the National Guard at the drop of a fucking a hat. How quickly did peaceful protests in Ferguson and Baltimore quickly escalate into a Holy shit we need the mother-fucking National Guard-situation?

When the Blood and the Crips, two violent black street gangs threatened to turn the streets of Baltimore into mother-fucking rivers of blood, the government of these United States of Fucking America lost their ever-loving shit. Armed National Guardsmen road-blocked Baltimore streets, willing to use extreme force to quell any potential black uprising. But when as the CBS affiliate that covers the Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area reported members of the Cossacks and Bandidos biker gangs had been instructed to “shoot and kill law uniformed law enforcement officers,” where is the God-damn mother-fucking National Guard? Sitting on their dicks, that’s where.

The local, state, and national government must have been aware that two rival, notoriously violent, outlaw motorcycle clubs were holding a “peace” conference at the Twin Peaks restaurant. Was the government so blinded out of love for this “peace” conference that they dismissed any possibility of violence betwen outlaw motorcycle clubs? How quickly we as a nation forget Altamont. But we will never forget (or forgive) the Watts riot of 1965 or the Baltimore riots of 1968.

The National Guard is so fucking necessary when black youth are armed with rocks, but when a call is sent out amongst white outlaw motorcycle clubs to “arm themselves and head to North Texas”, Straight, White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant Republican men don’t shit themselves in fear. It only when the poor and disenfranchised black population rises in “peaceful” riots, that the government shits their Pampers.

Which is the greater threat: white, outlaw bikers armed with guns or black youth armed with rocks? If you are the government of these great United States of Fucking America, it is obviously the latter.

[Read Julia Craven’s brilliant Huffingpost op-ed. It is a more eloquently, and less profane, statement on epidemic of “white-on-white “ crime.]

Published on: May 19, 2015 @ 13:26

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