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And the Prosecution Rests

The Prosecution has presented the partial testimony of the hostile witness called John the Beloved, the son of Zebedee. During the course of our case against Christ, we will call and interrogate three other witnesses, Matthew (also called Levi), John Mark, and Luke the Physician. By reading each Satan’s Study Bible of the four canonical Gospels, you will be confronted with our confounding evidence and arguments.

Now as the testimony moves to the defense for cross-examination we ask that you, as a Christian defending your God, present not only your evidence to the contrary, but a faithful, passionate argument to convince a jury of your peers the error of our prosecution and the innocence of Jesus the Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour.

If you choose to, you can write your own defense in a journal as you read each Gospel of Satan’s Study Bible or you can write articles and essays to publish in newspapers, magazines, blogs, Gospel tracts, or even entire books. While we ask you not to copy our Study Bible in its entirety (please exercise due caution as it concerns “free use”), you will be permitted to quote sections of our books in your personal rebuttal of our arguments.

Why would we ask you to do this? Beyond that of your own spiritual growth as a Christian? There is nothing more important than your soul. In this Godless society, the importance of the soul has been devalued to such a point as to have been rendered worthless. As we have noted, as you read this book you were filled with doubt, despair, loneliness, fear, offense, anger and eventually curiosity. It is of the utmost importance for your soul and spiritual sanity for you to communicate not only your answers to our attacks, but answer any other questions that arose while reading our Study Bible. But do not take this journey alone. A Christian who is a member of a community will have the defenses of a community against foreign attack. Do not be left alone on the highways of despair. This will leave your soul open to attack from the same highwaymen and cut-purses that threatened Jesus during their travels from the Galilee to Jerusalem.

We ask pastors and priests to organize Bible Study groups so that you will be challenged to answer the questions of your parishioners. Questions, particularly difficult questions, are repellent to you. You want your congregation to believe what you want your congregation to believe and nothing more. Because of Satan’s Study Bible, this will no longer be an option. For the growth of not only your flock, but the souls of each member of your congregation, you must be ready to defend your faith if it is to survive this war. If you value their souls, you must be prepared to answer the most difficult questions ever posed; you must be readied to refute our hypotheses, and the rebuke our theology.

About Fridthjof Dyr Jorden

“I hear the voice of the Devil!” These words could have only ever been spoken by the Messiah Himself (cf. Mt. 4:1-11) and madmen. I was reared a devout Roman Catholic. I was an altar-boy. I took Communion every Sunday. I studied the Bible. I prayed the rosary. I intended to enter the seminary and become a Priest. My faith in God was unflappable and my fear of the Devil was inescapable. After years of self-professed Atheism, I have returned to my faith in Jesus Christ, albeit different. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, but I also recognized the role Satan has in my life. Praise Jesus, hail Satan.

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