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The Autohagiography of Fridthjof Dyr Jorden

The demonic voices and visions of my teenage years, I could not, even to his day, truly dismiss as hallucinations because these voices and visions drove me from my faith for the better part of my adult life. And now, after years of being an Atheist, I had my faith restored and now I cannot shake the feeling that Satan was again trying to drive me from my faith through these voices and visions. These visions I see and the dreams I dream, are inherently Satanic. Why would I, a newly “born-again” Christian, take the Bible apart verse-by-verse with such relentless and repugnant blasphemy? What could possibly be gained by such an endeavour. I will not be an instrument of Satan, a very real and physical threat to my Immortal Soul. This book would never be written by my hand, but the weight of my psychosis has been brought to bare as a heavy cross on my shoulders.

Could I take thought-processes I formed as a former minor dabber into the occult and once self-professed Atheist and apply these processes to a Biblical commentary in the form of a Study Bible? I knew I could write such a book, but why should I write such a book? What purpose would it serve? What agent would represent such a book? Which publisher would risk publishing such a Study Bible?

My psychotherapist advised me to write the Study Bible as an exercise in exorcism. If I finish the book, then the hallucinations would have accomplished their goal, and I should be rid of them. I do not need to publish the book, only write it for therapeutic purposes. But as I read the Bible verse-by-verse and I write my notes verse-by-verse, I have come to the belief that blasphemy can actually teach the Good News of Jesus. Where the most learned of the Word of God throughout the history of Christianity have shunned blasphemy, I have chosen to embrace it has an invaluable tool in the study and understanding of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Blasphemy I know.

My auditorily hallucinating Satan has been a surprising assistance to the genesis and composition of my articles for ChiXiStigma.org.

-Fridthjof Dyr Jorden

About Fridthjof Dyr Jorden

“I hear the voice of the Devil!” These words could have only ever been spoken by the Messiah Himself (cf. Mt. 4:1-11) and madmen. I was reared a devout Roman Catholic. I was an altar-boy. I took Communion every Sunday. I studied the Bible. I prayed the rosary. I intended to enter the seminary and become a Priest. My faith in God was unflappable and my fear of the Devil was inescapable. After years of self-professed Atheism, I have returned to my faith in Jesus Christ, albeit different. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, but I also recognized the role Satan has in my life. Praise Jesus, hail Satan.

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