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The Saving Grace of Blasphemy

The editors of Satan’s Study Bible wish all devout Christians, lapsed Christians, and curious non-believers to approach this Bible Study series with an open mind and a soul in ready preparation for salvation. Satan’s goal with this Bible Study series is to tempt your soul away from the light of the Christ with blasphemy, heresy, and obscenity. The editors believe that only by truly understanding your own personal beliefs and by not being a blind sheep led by any preacher, faith healer, or charlatan wearing the cloth of the priesthood, can you as a Christian find your own faith and salvation by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. What you read in this Study bible will turn your stomach, offend your intellect, and wound your very soul. But only through a thorough understanding of the enemy of God’s beliefs, can you shield yourself with a true understanding of the Holy Scripture. A literate believer is a Christian armed with the Word of God. Carl Jung believed that God approved of evil when he wrote, “since I knew from experience that God was not offended by blasphemy, that on the contrary, he could encourage it, because he wished to evoke not only man’s bright and positive side but also his darkness and ungodliness, God in his omniscience arranged everything so that Adam and Eve would sin. God intended them to sin.”

About Fridthjof Dyr Jorden

“I hear the voice of the Devil!” These words could have only ever been spoken by the Messiah Himself (cf. Mt. 4:1-11) and madmen. I was reared a devout Roman Catholic. I was an altar-boy. I took Communion every Sunday. I studied the Bible. I prayed the rosary. I intended to enter the seminary and become a Priest. My faith in God was unflappable and my fear of the Devil was inescapable. After years of self-professed Atheism, I have returned to my faith in Jesus Christ, albeit different. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, but I also recognized the role Satan has in my life. Praise Jesus, hail Satan.

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