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Marriage: A Homosexual Institution

Marriage Equality – A Midsummer Night’s Dream Come True

In my Wet Dream, I hypothesize a homosexual relationship between Demetrius and Hermia’s father, Egeus that Shakespeare himself could not have possibly imagined. They desire to be married in an age when homosexual marriage could not be legalized. William Shakespeare, in his day over four hundred years ago, could not have dared write a major plotline or even a scene in which two men desire marriage equality. I have dared to write such a scene. When I wrote this scene, I had hoped and dreamed that one day, I would live in an enlightened age when two men or two women could be married in the eyes of not only the government, but God Himself. This is a scene taken from Act Four – Scene Two of Marquis de Sade’s A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream:

I came with Hermia hither: our intent
Was to be gone from Athens, where we might,
Without the peril of the Athenian law.

Enough, enough, my lord; hath I enough.
I beg the law, the law upon my head.
My love for Demetrius ist not dead.
I shouldst have stol’n away, I shouldst, Theseus,
Thereby to have defeated you, my Lord.
Fie! I defy Athenian law.
For my sodomy; for my Demetry!

My lord, fair Helen told me of love’s stealth,
Of this their purpose hither to this wood;
And I in fury hither follow’d them,
Fair Helena in fancy following me.
But, my good lord, I wot not by what power,–
But by some power it is,–my love to Hermia,
Melted as the snow, seems to me now
As the remembrance of an idle gaud
Which in my childhood I did dote upon;
And all the faith, the virtue of my heart,
The object and the pleasure of mine eye,
Is only to Egeus! To him, my lord,
Was I betroth’d ere I saw Hermia:
But, like in sickness, did I loathe this food;
But, as in health, come to my natural taste,
Now I do wish it, love it, long for it,
And will for evermore be true to it.

Fair lovers, you are fortunately met:
Of this discourse we more will hear anon.
Egeus, I will acquire your will;
For in the temple by and by with us
These couples shall eternally be knit:
And, for the morning now is something worn,
Our purposed hunting shall be set aside.
Away with us to Athens; three and three,
We’ll hold a feast in great solemnity.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America make their landmark ruling that marriage equality is required in all 50 of the now United States of America. We are living a strange age of enlightenment when it concerns the legal, government-recognized union between people until a few decades ago were legally sodomites; the very act of homosexuality was punishable by lengthy prison sentences, chemical castration, or even now in some countries- death.

In the 1940’s and 50’s when pornographic movies, called stag films, where being watched in cigar-smoke filled back-rooms, you couldn’t find sexually graphic homosexual pornography… anywhere. It simply didn’t exist. Male-to-male penetration was, and still is to a certain extent, so reviled that the actors in such a film would have feared for their very lives. For the homosexual starved for pornography, they were limited to watching naked male athletic exhibitions that involved a lot of nude wrestling, but nary an erect cock to be found.  Our modern enlightenment is not limited to allowing anal-penetration in gay porn found on DVD or on the internet, but allowing men to marry men and women to marry women. My-fucking-God, is the world going to Hell as many Christians believe? Christians have reason to fear the destruction of the institution of marriage, but not for the reasons they believe.

Ask many of the Millennials, the youth of the 21st Century, if they want children and they will say “Probably”. Ask them if they want to get married, they will more than likely say, “Uh… I don’t think I need to be married to have children.” There is a paradigm shift occurring in our nation. Half of all, so-called normal, heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Just a generation ago, having divorced parents was often so rare the children were stigmatized. More children are reared in households affected by divorce or are born out of wedlock than there are children reared in households with both their mother and father living in a stable marriage. The disillusionment of the recent generations concerning marriage should be more an anxiety to religious conservatives than the idealism homosexuals feel towards the institution of marriage. Homosexuals wishing to spend the remainder of their lives in the monogamous and loving bonds of matrimony should dispel the myth, popularized in the 1970’s, that homosexual males only desire open relationships and 20,000 promiscuous sexual encounters. (Cough“Lord” Christopher Moncktoncough)

With homosexuality, bi-sexuality, transgenderism, as Christians fear, all the rage, many remain gleefully content in their heterosexuality. Yet they have little to no desire to get married once or again. Have heterosexuals lost the instinct to pass on their genetic heritage? Homosexuals passing on half their collective genes (like Elton John desiring to pass on his genetic, genius musical talent to his offspring) may have more hope of continuing the human species than so-called normal couples do contributing both sets of their genes. Is a prophecy that by 2050 the institution of marriage will be an entirely homosexual institution an impossibility? Heterosexuals will, of course, continue to contribute their DNA to the human gene-pool by producing offspring in inflationary numbers, but the desire for monogamous “till-death-do-us-part” Christian marriage will probably be seen as laughable and increasingly foolhardy.

Today, the queers can married and have children so they can be as fucking miserable as the rest of us.

Published on: Jun 26, 2015 @ 14:08

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