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The Saving Grace of Blasphemy

The editors of Satan’s Study Bible wish all devout Christians, lapsed Christians, and curious non-believers to approach this Bible Study series with an open mind and a soul in ready preparation for salvation. Satan’s goal with this Bible Study series is to tempt your soul away from the light of …

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Ye Must Shield Thyself Against The Satanic Warfare Contained Within

CHRISTIANS, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: We have no wish to attack any individual Christian’s personal faith and their identity as a Christian. We recognize the importance Christ has in your life. Our desire is to strengthen your faith. As a Christian, you should not accept, blindly and without question, the …

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What in the Flying Blue Fuck?!?!

What in the Flying Blue Fuck?!?! Satan’s Study Bible is the most controversial book series ever written. In the Holy Bible, God and his only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, have made their case against Satan. For two thousand years, the Devil has taken the blame for the Plague, witchcraft, …

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Aesop’s The Pen and Two Cobs

That faulty creation of Prometheus When half-asleep; that potbellied, swarthy, Snub-nosed, squinty-eyed, liver-lipped and Misshapen of head, short-armed, bandy-legg’d, Dwarifsh man, portentous monstrosity. Aesop, I calleth ’on thee, fabulist! There once was a beautiful, elegant pen, a black swan who swam around the lush blue waters of the pond. The …

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