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Allonymous Authorship

Only Christians have limited the authorship of their canonical scripture to a few short decades: from the death of Jesus in 30 AD to the writing of the book of Revelation in the last decade of the first century Anno Domini. A mere sixty years. The date of the authorship of the Gospels once was believed to have begun within a decade of Jesus’ death, but now Biblical scholars assert that the Gospel of Mark was not actually written down until after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in AD 70. The window of authentic scripture has shrunk to a mere thirty years.

And now I claim to have written holy scripture nearly two millennia after the historical events occurred. According to Christian Biblical scholarship, “The Next Testament” is a “little too late” to ever, I mean, ever, be considered authentic, God-breathed Holy Scripture. This, of course, did not stop the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, Jr., from writing “Another Testament of Jesus Christ”.

I have no doubt that Joseph Smith, Jr. was an undiagnosed and unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic. While Mormons, in his own day and in the nearly two centuries since, believe his cockamamie story of how an angel of God, named Moroni (MORONi, seriously?), appeared to him and led him to a nearby hill where the infamous golden plates were buried. It was on these plates, in a language he called “reformed Egyptian”, that ancient prophets inscribed the Book of Mormon. The foolish believe that by placing the golden plates in a top-hat, and utilizing the mysterious Seeing Stones (or just rocks), Joseph Smith could translate the Book of Mormon. People actually believed this horse-hockey.

(Except for Lucy Harris, the wife of the Book of Mormon’s first scribe. This admirable woman realized Joseph’s story was utter horse-hockey and stole the first 116 pages of the manuscript, believing that if his story was indeed true, then Smith could simply retranslate the pages and they would be identical- word-for-word- with the pages she stole. But Joseph Smith, like the confidence man he was, then claimed translation-amnesia. God-bless this woman.)

Can an entire religion be based on lies?

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