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Allonymous Authorship

There is a quotation I encountered once: “In a cult, the top two or three people realize their story is [horse-hockey]. In a religion, those people are dead.”

I do, however, have the utmost respect and admiration for Joseph Smith, Jr. despite my previous tone. My own hallucinations have told me that the Christian canon was never meant to be closed. Here was a man, an extremely devout and religious man, who believed that the Protestant churches of his era had lost their way; that he alone could restore the Church to how God originally intended it to be. That, in and of itself, is highly admirable. If one was going to found a new religion, would you not write your own Holy scripture? Martin Luther did not have the stones to found Protestantism by writing new Holy scripture; he only had the stones to translate the Holy Bible into his native tongue, a crime that cost William Tyndale his life.

And if you are going to found a religion, would you not write your new Holy scripture to spiritually legalize all of the vices and sins that you personally ascribe to? If you wanted to be polygamous, would you not have your own personal Jesus make polygamy  Biblically legal? The early Christians did this exact same thing when they wrote the books that would eventually be canonized as the New Testament; the Disciples did not wish to be beholden to the Mosaic laws of their forefathers, and therefore wrote their holy scripture to justify their invalidation of Mosaic law.

Therefore, I respect and admire Joseph Smith for writing “Another Testament of Jesus Christ”.  I don’t respect the cockamamie story he conjured up to justify this Holy scripture. I refuse to be a hypocrite and ascribe my “Next Testament” to lies. I will be honest and forthright to my audience.

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