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Allonymous Authorship

If I believe my hallucinations when they say the Christian canon was never meant to be closed, then how can I fault another for opening the canon again? Even if I believe the Book of Mormon to be unhistorical and unbiblical horse-hockey. If The Holy Trilogy Bible proves to be a critical and financial success, then I will, no doubt, inspire other authors to produce their own noncanonical Biblical books, just like The Da Vinci Code inspired a decades’ worth of religious thrillers.

The controversy surrounding Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons also spurred a cottage industry of books, articles, and documentaries refuting and rebuking Dan Brown’s outrageous claims. These books took the natural questioning that the readers of The Da Vinci Code had and attempted to answer their questions either historically or theologically (but certainly not both). The well-meaning authors did not wish the readers of The Da Vinci Code to simply accept Dan Brown’s hypothesis without understanding the historical and theological importance of the doctrine of Jesus’ celibacy and refute the concept that Jesus took Mary Magdalene as His wife and had a daughter.

If a simple, but outrageously controversial plot-line in a poorly written modern thriller could spur this kind visceral reaction and make The Da Vinci Code an instant worldwide best-seller, then surely The Holy Trilogy Bible can and will inspire similar reactions.

One can only hope.

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