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Plagiarism or Sermonizing

Many, if not all, critics of The Holy Trilogy Bible, will claim that I have plagiarized The Holy Bible, the works of Josephus, and early Christian writers. But given the nature of theological discourse over the centuries, this argument is rendered moot.

Did the authors of the books of the New Testament plagiarize the authors of the Hebrew scripture (the Old Testament)? Did Jesus plagiarize the Hebrew scripture when he used it as a source? (Jesus even referenced Hebrew texts deemed by leaders of the early Church as apocryphal!) Did Matthew and Luke plagiarize Mark, whom scholars have for centuries theorized was the primary source for both later Gospels? Did Paul plagiarize the Old Testament in his letters, from which he quoted often? Did John of Patmos plagiarize a Psalm in the Book of Revelation? Did the 40 different authors of the Hebrew scripture plagiarize each other in the Old Testament?

From the beginnings of the church, the earliest Church Fathers quoted the Old and New Testaments liberally in their epistles, their discourses and their other writings. Catholic priests and Protestant ministers regularly use scripture in their sermons and other writings, not always giving the chapter and verse of the scripture or naming the books’ author. Are these men of God plagiarizing the Bible?

If the Old and New Testaments are the “Word of God”, does God, through his mortal authors, plagiarize Himself at every turn, or is he using the scriptures previously written for emphasis?

As the mortal author of The Next Testament, I have used the Old and New Testament as a source for many scriptural references (I have used the King James translation primarily, which itself kept as much as 90% of its source, William Tyndale’s translation, intact… again plagiarism), but given the nature of theological writing from today back to the earliest days of the writing of the New Testament, and back into the days of the Hebrew scriptures, I do not feel I am a plagiarist. I feel I am repeating the Word of God for emphasis.

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