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Christians DO Love Faggots As They Love Themselves

Christians proclaim their eternal love and compassion for their fellowmen. They trumpet their adherence to Jesus’ Commandment to: Love thy neighbour as thyself (MK. 12:31). But to outsiders looking in, the Christian communities  are unholy hypocrites. How can their condemnation of the LGBTQ community be one and the same as their love for their themselves.

Aye, here’s the rub.

Christians DO love faggots as they love themselves! How is it possible this oxymoron is possibly fucking true? The correct question to ask is, DO the most homophobic of Christians actually love themselves? Look at the inverse of Jesus’ commandment: Christians loathe faggots as they loathe themselves!

How many of the most vehemently homophobic Christians are themselves closeted homosexuals? The number is damn fucking near 100%, I shit you not! How many Christian homophobes are desperately suppressing memories of homosexual experimentations during college? How many Christian homophobes repeatedly erase the browser history of their frequent masturbatory trips to PornhubGay? How many Christian homophobes secretly desire big, black cocks in their mouths? The number is damn fucking near 100%!

The evidence is all around us. The evidence has always been cumming in our faces. The loudest faggot-bashing, Bible-thumping Christians preaching from the pulpit often have frequent secret closeted dalliances with male prostitutes (cough- Ted Haggard –cough).

Closeted queers (even the non-Christian variety), more often than not, loathe themselves as they struggle with their own homosexual desires and identity, as many psychiatrists can attest. It is only when one comes out of the closet to themselves first, and then their family and friends, does the homosexual finally truly love themselves. How can a closeted homophobes love themselves as they themselves struggle with their own homosexual desires and identity? They cannot and will not until they confess to Jesus Christ, their Lord and Personal Saviour that God made them homosexual. They cannot and will not until they themselves come out of the closet.

Until then, the Christian homophobe will love their homosexual neighbor exactly as they love themselves! But this is not love, but loathing, opposite sides of the same coin.

Sleep well LGBTQ community with the knowledge that Christians DO love faggots as they love themselves. But don’t sleep too well, because just as the Christian homophobes are willing to harm themselves over their own closeted homosexual desires, they are still willing to harm you rather than come out of the closet themselves.

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