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The Canon Demands To Be Reopened

To the early Church Fathers, and most of Christianity in the millennia since, there are fourfold prerequisites required for a work to be God-breathed Scripture: it must be written by a Jew, (or proto-Christian); it must be written by an eyewitness to the events detailed in the work; it must be of great religious importance; it must be written within the strict timetable of the New Testament (i.e. the first century AD). For any event that occurred in the two millennia since, God’s breath has since ceased inspiring any further Words of God.

But what if (the great What If of the Holy Bible Trilogy), the canon was never meant to be closed? What if there are events during the last twenty centuries that God intended to be God-breathed, but the corruption of the Church kept silent through intimidation and assassination?

What events over the past two thousand years were of such great religious importance that they could and should be included in the Holy Writ?

Imagine, if you will, a Jew, interred in a concentration camp, writes of the Jews experience in Jewish Ghettos, then in the camps, and finally to their deaths on a factory efficient scale. The Jewish people proclaim they will never forget the six million who perished. But in the early decades of the third millennia, most, if not all, of the survivors of the Holocaust have died. If their memories are to be remembered, what better way to preserve them then to take a first person eyewitness account of the Holocaust and include it in the Hebrew Bible? Of course, it has been 2,500 since the prophetic age ended with Malachi. If the Maccabean Revolt is not worthy of inclusion in the Jewish canon, then why should such a contemporary event like the Holocaust be included in the Hebrew Bible? So the Jewish people will never forgot! Never again!

And What If Jesus Christ Himself had appeared to the “lost sheep” of a lost tribe of Israelites on the American continent? Is it within the realm of possibility that these ancient Israelite prophets had settled in the New World from between 2200 BC to AD 421? Could their ancient writings, in a script called “reformed Egyptian” and engraved on golden plates, have been translated by a “God-breathed” Joseph Smith, Jr.?


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