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The Gospel According To Shakespeare: The Passion



THE GREATEST as it has nEVER been TOLD before!

The first decade of the 17th Century saw the creation of the greatest dramatic works by William Shakespeare and the greatest prose ever composed in the English language, the King James Translation of The Holy Bible.

Strangely, the Bard never wrote a play concerning the life of Jesus, whose Gospel many English people were only now discovering, in their native tongue. William Shakespeare was silent about the Greatest Story Ever Told… or was he?

Scenario #1

William Shakespeare was enlisted by the editors of the KJV to help with the translation a few Psalms, introducing the playwright to the Gospel of Jesus.

However censors balked at the notion of actors portraying Christ on stage, the play was barred from production, and fell from memory.

Scenario #2

The XVII Earl of Oxford or Christopher Marlowe may have written under the allonym of “William Shakespeare”. Has the Gospel According to Shakespeare been written allonymously in the name of William Shakespeare?

Scenario #3

A 21st Century poet, adopting the style of Shakespeare, has written as masterful forgery in the name of Shakespeare and sold it as authentic.

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