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Our Inalienable Right to Copyright!

What copyrights am I claiming on the enclosed (admittedly reprinted) works found in The Holy Bible Trilogy’s The Crusadic Testament if I am not the translator of note? The works of translators Dana Carleton Munro, August C. Krey, and Frank T. Marzials have fallen into the public-domain, and James Brundage no longer claims copyright to his translations due to a lack of renewal. Again, what copyright can I claim?

Any anthology can claim a copyright on the collective work, without the need to claim copyright on all works contained within. The unique collection of works is itself copyrightable. The Internet Medieval Sourcebook, which was but one source along with Archive.org, Hathitrust.org, Wikipedia, among others, can claim copyright on their websites, but using them as s source does not violate their copyright, nor invalidate my own.

I can also claim the division of each work into chapters and verses as copyrightable. This is an entirely legal separation between their reprinted works and my own reprinting of said works.


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