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Satan’s Preacher Man: The Blues Opera




“Satan’s best work is done in the name of Jesus” – Satan’s Preacher Man, 1937

Satan’s Preacher Man, the most mysterious and enigmatic personality in the mythology of the Blues, has unfortunately disappeared almost completely from the collective consciousness of the human race. No book records his life, no wax recording records his music, and no gravestone records his epitaph; a life erased almost completely from the annals of human history. His heinous deeds, however, are recorded in the memories of a select few, who have finally, after a half-century of silence and fear, have begun to remember the life and resurrect the legend of this charismatic and most unfathomable man. Most speak of Satan’s Preacher Man with contemptuousness in their voice and terror in their soul. The evils of Satan’s Preacher Man know no bounds, not even the bounds of Death herself!

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