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RNC Plagiarism: Burning the Witch at the Stake

When a politician speaks, who is actually speaking? The politician or the speechwriter? Both? A titty bit of both? Neither? A titty bit of neither? JFK gets all the fucking credit for asking not what your cunt-ry can do for you, but asking what you can do for your cunt-ry, but he also takes it up the ass for calling an audience of Germans, “Jelly-donuts”. Fucking hypocrisy.

Donald Trump has had his balls roasted over the coals for speaking so mother-fucking extemporaneously, especially when he ends up with his dick in his mouth. “Why doesn’t he use a speechwriter,” his critics bitch. “It’ll be so much fucking safer if he allows a speechwriter tailor his words,” they whine. “Use a GODDAMN teleprompter, you ass!” Well, a speechwriter just fucked Melania Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention by wantonly plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama from the 2008 Democrat Convention.  And Melania got fucked good. A good old porno worthy fucking. A gape worthy ass-fucking. And the only person who deserves to fuck Melania Trump is Donald Trump.

But who deserves hear the words: “You’re fired!”

The speechwriter, of course. Someone has to take the proverbial dick up the ass. And it is never the politician nor his beautiful wife.

But is one speechwriter stealing from another speechwriter really a crime? The words are written anonymously. The words are written behind closed doors to be spoken and taken credit by another person. Is Melania Trump the offending party? Is Michelle Obama the offended party? Or are two anonymous speechwriters the criminal and the stolen from? In the world of politics, who the fuck knows.

Heresy is no longer a crime worthy of being burnt at the stake. Blasphemers no longer have to fear Excommunication or worse. America’s Freedom Amendment protects the worst imaginable pornography. In the age we live in, we need to find something, anything, we can make a crime worthy of death and that crime is apparently plagiarism.

P.S. To any political pundit who wants to plagiarize this blog post, I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN, YOU FILTHY MOTHER FUCKER, AND I’LL FUCKING KI——!

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