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The Voices in My Head

To the popular imagination, paranoid schizophrenics hear the Devil instructing us to commit murder, or we crowd mental institutions believing we are Jesus Christ Himself.  My mental condition has colored my creativity in a variety of different ways. Many writers will often encounter their “characters” actively participating in the stories they are writing. This “inner-voice” instructing the writing process can be unsettling to nascent writers. For an author with my condition, the voices are audible and very, very communicative.

My voices, however, are not those of the characters I am writing, but of pseudonymous co-writers, actively and audibly participating in the writing process. Each of my books has a very different and unique co-writer. Ophelia T’wat, the co-writer of The Marquis de Sade’s A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream, is a 21 year-old college student who is stripping her way through collage. The co-author of Satan’s Study Bible: The Gospel of Mark is far more a nefarious personality, Satan himself, but instead of instructing me to murder, he wanted nothing more than a Study Bible written from his own point-of-view. Satan’s Preacher Man manifested more as a dreamlike past life experience. And finally, the granddaddy of then all, God and His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ spoke to me audibly and through dreams instructing and inspiring The Holy Bible Trilogy, its Next Testament, and the fourth part of the trilogy, The Crusadic Testament.

But can a novelist, who was diagnosed schizophrenic as a teenager, actually hear the Voice of God tell him to continue the Word of God? As a dutiful Catholic, I sought the intersession of a priest for exorcism from demonic forces. He instructed me to see a psychiatrist to alleviate my hallucinations. I am caught in a spiritual conundrum, would I rather be a Prophet of God or crazy?

Over decades of constant psychoanalysis, I have come to peace with my rather unique creativity. I have embraced the quirks that come with my writer’s voice, or voices as it were. I hope you, the Reader, can appreciate and enjoy my collaborations with my voices.

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