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Satan’s Preacher Man: The Blues Opera

“Satan’s best work is done in the name of Jesus” – Satan’s Preacher Man, 1937 Satan’s Preacher Man, the most mysterious and enigmatic personality in the mythology of the Blues, has unfortunately disappeared almost completely from the collective consciousness of the human race. No book records his life, no wax …

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The Gospel According To Shakespeare: The Passion

THE GREATEST as it has nEVER been TOLD before! The first decade of the 17th Century saw the creation of the greatest dramatic works by William Shakespeare and the greatest prose ever composed in the English language, the King James Translation of The Holy Bible. Strangely, the Bard never wrote …

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Satan’s Study Bible: The Gospel of Mark

Salus in Christo Jesu Salus in Christo Jesu Salus in Christo Jesu Per Blasphemia Salvation in Jesus Christ through Blasphemy – A profession of Faith. Satan’s Study Bible is the most controversial book ever written. In the Holy Bible, God and his only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, have made …

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Marquis de Sade’s A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream

Pornographer’s Hypocritic Oath: “We choose to publish (without fear of censorship) straight, gay homosexual, lesbian, and BDSM erotica, BUT the following erotic-fiction need not apply: rape, incest, necrophilia (vampires are okay), bestiality (were-wolves as well), pedophilia, snuff films, water sports, brown sports, blood sports, etc.” But Ophelia T’Wat dares to …

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