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Down The Rabbit’s (Ass)Hole – Trump’s America

My last post on this website was on September 15, 2016– Holy shit! Has it been a mother-fucking year? Fuck! 🙁 – When I last left you, Twats, we were in Obama’s America and now, we are in Trump’s America. OMG! WTF! Can I go back to bed yet?

On September 15, 2016, I was fucking fully prepared to chronicle our collective descent into societal madness. We were going to have to choose for our President between either a pussy-grabbing, Nigger-hating, faggot-loathing, Islam-phobing White Supremacist asshole or a sodden cunt. Neither was going to unite our states into a fucking America. Oh, fuck no. This shit was going to blow the fuck up. We were going to have non-consensual cum drip out of our cunts or assholes (for you guys) and all over our newly spit-shined shoes.

I truly believed that my time in the limelight was going to finally make me cum. I thought the poetic profanity of OpheliaTWat.com married to the political carnage in our- literally– God-damned political clusterfuck of an election would make me a superstar. I wanted fecking fame and fucking fortune so bad I was willing to suck Bill Maher’s cock on the casting couch of political incorrectness. I’d be willing to fuck (that surprisingly fuckable) Ann Coulter just to shut her the fuck up.  The posts on Ophelia TWat.com (and our mother-site ChiXiStigma.org) would go viral like mother-fucking A.I.D.S in the 1980’s. But life sometimes shits all over your head, down your back, and drips into the crack of your ass, and you can’t write your viral-infecting posts, then you don’t get to become fecking famous. But I did get to watch the glorious shit-show that was the election of 2016 and the first nine months of Trump’s Presidency Dictatorship.

Oh, my dear Lord! has it only been nine months and some odd days? You’ve got to be shtting me! Time moves so slowly. How many days until the next election and we can as a nation get paroled from Trump’s America? This is what the rapey kind of prison must feel like. Not the good kind of prison, the rapey kind.

I fell asleep like Rip Van Winkle at the most inopportune time. Our political system is no longer a beautifully straight line with half the people on the left and half the people on the right. In Trump’s America, we have a left ass-cheek (the Democramps) and a right ass-cheek (the Republicunts), and a pussy-grabbing, Nigger-hating, faggot-loathing, Islam-phobing White Supremacist prolapsed asshole smack in the middle. This is the America we are mooning the rest of the mother fucking world with.

Wouldn’t your mother be so proud? (That’s a rhetorical question, jackass!)

By the time I woke up (like fifteen minutes ago, seriously) and finally realized, “You have a website and Twitter account (@opheliatwat), cunt. You could be capitalizing on this mother-fucking shit like a pimp. A P-I-M-P, bitch!”, I discover our- literally– God-damned country has fallen down the Rabbit’s (Ass)Hole into Alice’s WONDER-what-the-fuck-just-happened-to-us-LAND.

Now that my other project has miserably failed, I can relaunch my raunch on what Trump’s America is forcibly shoving down the Rabbit’s Asshole.

The bitch is back, baby!

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Who in the flying blue fuck is Ophelia T'Wat? Poetic or profane? Asshole or bitch? Democramp or Republicunt? God-fearing or God-damning? Sucks dicks or licks cunts?- crunch- Three! The world may never know.

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