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A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream – Silent Film

In the days before filmmakers discovered how to make movies with sight and sound, they created visual tapestries devoid of a sense that we today take for granted. We live in an area with YouTube and before MTV were we as a consumer require both. Not since the birth of the …

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The Anti-Christmas Special

Welcome to “Satan’s Bible Study”. On our Anti-Christmas Special, we celebrate the season of Advent with the most repugnant, unrepentant blasphemy to ensure your salvation in Jesus the Christ through said Blasphemy! The virginal birth of Jesus is one of the most celebrated, and debated, events in human history. Christians …

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Introduction to Satan’s Study Bible

Welcome to “Satan’s Bible Study”. My name is Pariah Crucifigetus (cruch-e-feh-jay-tus), the founder of  the heretical, apostate Catholic order, the Advocatus Diaboli. Our order’s motto is Salus in Christo Jesu per blasphemia. The Advocatus Diaboli at ChiXiStigma.org (kI-zI-stigma) are devoted to pushing the boundaries of Christian theology and Biblical scholarship …

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