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The Apostolic Cult of Jesus ben Joseph

In the modern world, the choosing of the Disciples by Jesus would be considered the beginnings of a cult, which is exactly what the Pharisees and Sadducees of antiquity believed the young Jesus’ movement actually was. Jesus’ teachings have all the hallmarks of a cult (as developed by Janja Lalich, …

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The Onion and Ophelia T’Wat.com: Juvenal or Juvenalian?!?

The Onion is a marvel of political satire. How many Onion articles are shared on Facebook newsfeeds and unsuspecting friends believe, truly believe the articles are real. And they lose their ever-loving shit. “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex” “Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong That Moon Landing Was Fake” “Congress …

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Sophia: Wife of God & Mother of the Logos

No biblical scholar or even Christian, no matter how lapsed, will concede the following: God has a Wife, the Son of God has a Mother, and Her name is Wisdom. Yet, surprisingly, Eusebius, an early Church Father, actually writes about a feminine God, the wife of Jehovah! “And that there …

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Donald Trump: America Needs a Homicidal President

The 20th Century was mired with homicidal leaders. Adolf Hitler committed genocide with factory efficiency. He inspired dozens of megalomaniacal dictators, who more or less, took their innate homicidal tendencies and raised them to the level of mother-fucking genocide: Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong-il, Bashar al-Assad, Pol Pot, Saddam …

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Jesus Christ’s Enormous 3-Foot Cock

Seriously… WTF! I know Roman Catholics have been accused of idolatry for the past two millennia, but has the Church actually digressed backwards through time as a religion to… phallus worship? Osiris, the fertility god himself, lost his penis to the Nile and nowhere in the Bible does Jesus actually …

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