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Allonymous Authorship

Orthonymous, Homonymous, Anonymous, Pseudonymous, or Allonymous?!? Scholars believe that there are essentially four different ways an author can be attributed to any given work: “orthonymous”, “homonymous”, “anonymous”, and “pseudonymous”. Orthonymous is by far the most common, defined as a work written by the person claiming to have written it. Homonymous …

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Plagiarism or Sermonizing

Many, if not all, critics of The Holy Trilogy Bible, will claim that I have plagiarized The Holy Bible, the works of Josephus, and early Christian writers. But given the nature of theological discourse over the centuries, this argument is rendered moot. Did the authors of the books of the …

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Of Prophecy or Madness

“I hear the voice of God!” Those words have only ever been uttered by prophets or madman. In their own time, every prophet was considered a madman. For every actual prophet, there are countless madmen. For every authentic scripture, there are countless apocrypha. Every believer is but a drop in …

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