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Christians DO Love Faggots As They Love Themselves

Christians proclaim their eternal love and compassion for their fellowmen. They trumpet their adherence to Jesus’ Commandment to: Love thy neighbour as thyself (MK. 12:31). But to outsiders looking in, the Christian communities  are unholy hypocrites. How can their condemnation of the LGBTQ community be one and the same as …

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NSA: Guilty of Revenge-Porn

revenge porn a nude photograph or video which is publicly shared online (most frequently by an ex-lover of the subject’s) for the purpose of spiteful humiliation and/or the lulz.   In the immortal words of Lord Byron, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” If there is a single television series that …

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Men’s Greated Fear? Being Treated Like They’re Women

Why do straight men fear gay men. Why is it that straight men are so fearful of homosexual men? Where does this fear originate? Homophobia is by its very definition a “fear of homosexuality”. The hatred of homosexuality just comes naturally to many in the straight community; in fact, it is …

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Pet Peeves: Christians on Facebook

Don’t you just hate when one of your Christian friends posts something obnoxious on Facebook about how great Jesus is or how wrong abortion is, or that you’re going to go straight to mother-fucking Hell? I want to “unfriend” each and every one of these holier-than-thou cunts for having the …

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“They Knew!” Who Knew? “The Pakistanis Knew.” Who Fucking Cares?

The President of the United States of America has been caught with their pecker in the whorehouse (or however the idiom goes). President Obama apparently lied about how his government got the intelligence concerning Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts in Pakistan (if you can call anything relating the government “intelligent”). The …

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Political Atheism

[A recent conversation with a friend of mine.] Him: So, what are you? A Republican or a Democrat? A conservative or a liberal? What do you believe in? Me: Ultimately, I’m apolitical. Him:: What’s that? Me: You know how an atheist doesn’t’ believe in God? Him: Yeah. Me: Well, I don’t believe …

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